Sustainability from the Alps


Local, organic and of the highest quality - that was our demand on our farmers and not least on ourselves when it came to the raw materials for our teas.

If you look for partners with these criteria in mind, you will soon find that they are real gems who live these values with all their heart and soul. That's exactly what we were looking for and luckily we found them.

Only with the commitment of our farmers and the patience and passion that they and their helpers bring with them every day it is possible for us to create monthea teas.

Organic is far more than a trend or a quality stamp... is an attitude to life. Organic means giving back to the earth part of what it has given us.
All of our partners have been staunch organic farmers for years, and some are even pioneers in their field.

The idea of harvesting not the most, but the best, is our mission. And our vision? Living with nature and not from it.



Care, attention to detail, plenty of patience and professional skill are the factors that enable our farmers to grow the highest quality fruit and herbs. These form the basis of our unique infusions.


We only harvest what is ripe. Fruit ripened in the sun and herbs grown in the mountains are left to flourish until the right time comes. Only then do we start to process them...

Tea production

Centuries' old tradition and the skill of our partners enables us to create harmonious compositions with a wide range of characteristics.


The outcome can be seen and above all tasted. High quality blends made from organic South Tyrolean fruit and herbs for the delight of body and soul are the result.


monthea: pure, natural, tasty.