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    Biological tea from South Tyrol

    Organic strawberry fruit chips

    If strawberries are already one of your favourite fruits, then experience a real taste explosion with our freeze-dried variety - and not just in season, but all year round!

    Organic mint tea monmint

    monmint, a harmonious interplay of the most diverse and unusual mint varieties!

    Organic wildberry fruit chips

    These wild berry chips evoke summer at any time of the year and make your berry dreams come true!

    Organic wildberries tea monberry

    A taste explosion that gives the feeling of having immersed one's palate in the entire panoply of fruits of the forest.

    Gift box to assemble yourself

    The perfect packaging for our teas.

    Organic alpine herbs tea monalp

    Monalp is THE essential companion for getting you through the day fit and bright-eyed!

    Organic raspberry tea monpink

    Monpink, our tea of raspberries, is a must for the sweet among us!

    Organic herbal tea blend monleaf

    More relaxation and well-being with every sip - monleaf is the soothing herbal blend for your personal time-out.

    Organic mountain herbs tea monherbs

    With the freshness of lemon balm and the delightful fragrance of marigold, monherbs offers an incomparable tea pleasure at any time of day.

    Better together

    With our gift set "Better together" you and your loved ones can enjoy a double drinking pleasure - because enjoying together is simply better!

    Organic blueberry tea monblue

    The small blue fruit that hikers love to stumble upon when they're out and about.

    Brewed with love

    For the next date, the next wedding anniversary or to give joy in everyday life -our gift set "brewed with love" gives you shared, relaxing moments with a soothing cup of tea!