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    Monthea: Organic Tea of organic and locally grown fruit and herbs from South Tyrol

    „It has not the arrogance of wine,
    the self- consciousness of coffee,
    nor the simpering innocence of cocoa.
    There is a subtle charm in the taste of tea
    which makes it irresistible
    and capable of idealisation.

    The Book of Tea – Okakura Kakuzo, 1906

    A millennia-old culture,
    founded by the Chinese and spread around the world - tea.

    Tea means taking time, breathing deeply and enjoyment without stress. The enjoyment factor of a freshly brewed tea is indescribable and is best tried for yourself. The choice of the right sort, tea pot and cup, the kind of infusion, the brewing time, and even the water quality play an important role in the result.
    There is not a minute in the day in which a tea or infusion cannot be drunk... every time is tea time.

    No matter what time or combination you choose, teas and infusions are a millennia-old tradition that provide a wealth of innovations and that are just waiting to be discovered.



    • Fruit tea
    • Herbal tea
    • Fruit Chips

    Gift idea

    Sometimes we just want to leave the stress of the day behind us. In such moments, a cup of tea is just the thing for us. It is our gift box "my moment" which offers exactly this relaxation with two different types of tea and a spill-proof thermo mug.
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