Fruit tea

Organic wildberries tea monberry

A taste explosion that gives the feeling of having immersed one's palate in the entire panoply of fruits of the forest.

Organic raspberry tea monpink

Monpink, our tea of raspberries, is a must for the sweet among us!

Organic blueberry tea monblue

The small blue fruit that hikers love to stumble upon when they're out and about.

Organic apple tea mongold

Enjoyment has never been so simple and yet so intense!

Organic alpine apricot Tea monapricot

A delight made from sun-drenched apricots - the quintessence of summer!

Glass bottle with tea strainer

Whether for the office, for sports or for your next adventure - our glass bottle with tea strainer is your new faithful companion for everyday life!

Tasting Box

Embark on a discovery tour through the world of tea from monthea!

Travel mug - 350ml

You're always on the go and love to have your drink right at hand? Then our monthea travel mug is just right for you!

Thermos bottle - 750ml

In soft, matt white tones, our new thermos bottle accompanies you on your next adventure and provides a double drinking pleasure - thanks to the two integrated cups!

Forest honey from South Tyrol

Hey Honey! Sweeten your everyday life and enjoy your tea with a deliciously subtle sweetness thanks to our forest honey from South Tyrol!

Better together

With our gift set "Better together" you and your loved ones can enjoy a double drinking pleasure - because enjoying together is simply better!