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    Our farmers


    Farmer Helga and Hansjörg

    Helga Hansjörg: Hansjörg and Helga grow local herbs for monthea in Vinschgau at over 1,000 metres above sea level. These steeply sloping areas require the very greatest of care and a lot of work in order to deliver such top-class results.

    "For me the best thing is to be able to see how the flowers grow into such colourful splendour with such an incomparable scent."

    Farmer Rudi

    Rudi runs an organic farm in Völs and has been producing the very highest quality organic fruit for over 15 years. He grows blueberries, blackberries and raspberries at a little over 500 metres above sea level. His secret recipe is to let nature rule itself.

    "I have created a natural cycle for myself that helps me to produce top class produce and support nature in the process."

    Farmer Paul

    Paul grows apples the like of which are seldom seen twice. "Pilot Gusto" is the name of the cultivar that he discovered and it offers a firm, sweet fruit that not only tastes fabulous but can also be stored.

    "Repeatedly making new discoveries drives me forward and gives me the courage never to stand still. Projects such as this show me that our work is valued and give me the ability to make my contribution."

    Farmer Andreas

    Andreas, a young farmer, lives with his wife and children in Völs, where he grows strawberries and raspberries with great dedication and a willingness to experiment. As well as his fruit, his holiday apartments also encourage visitors to linger for a while.

    "I practically grew up with raspberries, so how could I do anything else? Seeing how people react when they taste one of my berries is what spurs me on!"

    Farmer Stefan

    Stefan has his family to thank for the opportunity of being one of the youngest active and innovative herb growers in the region. His current growing area in Afing comprises around 8,000 square metres, but is already being expanded.

    "I had the great luck of having a piece of land given to me by my father and I intend to make the best possible use of it."

    Farmer Andreas

    A young farmer and passionate rocker, Andreas can only be described as one of a kind. Andreas lives in Barbian and, together with his father, produces strawberries, raspberries and blueberries that we are fortunate enough to be able to use for our infusions.

    "When the two boys told me about their project, I was immediately on board. Finally someone who wanted to do something different!"